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School Meals and Snacks




Optional snacks for Year 1 to 6 children can be ordered on Mondays for the week ahead and are now £1.60 per week (32p per day).
The system is that the children order the snack, choosing white toast, brown toast or fruit toast, via their class teacher at registration on Monday morning, paying as they order. The orders are held in the classroom so that snacks are distributed to the correct child.
We try to ensure that each child has the snack they have ordered and the system is designed to ensure that both the teacher (who oversees the distribution of snack) and the kitchen are aware of the weekly order.
Whilst the majority of parents follow this system we are experiencing a number of parents paying ad-hoc at the office. As the snack lists are not held at the office this creates additional work and may result in the snack order not being accurate.
Please can we ask that in future all snacks orders are placed using the system above.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation.



You can download a sample dinner menu below


Chorley New Road Parent Menu Nov 19 – April 20